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What is white privilege? 

“White Privelege is simple, it’s the benefits, the perks, it’s the rewards you receive simply because you have white skin.” 

That’s Eddie Moore, founder and Director of the White Privilege Conference. He says it was in Iowa, where he got his PhD in educational leadership, that he envisioned a conference to discuss social privilege around racial identity—although the Conference has a wider scope. 

Zach Linewski / WGVU

As part of GVSU’s MLK Day celebration, twitter maven and racial inclusion advocate April Reign came to west Michigan. 

April Reign is best known for her hashtags #OscarSoWhite and #NoConfederate—which trended globally and yielded real Hollywood results. We sit down for an interview and she offers some tips, some insights, and even issues a calling. First, I ask why she chooses Twitter over other platforms.

Mariano Avila / WGVU

Thousands marched from Garfield Park to the Calder Plaza as part of the “Day Without Immigrants” demonstration in Grand Rapids. 

It felt more like an improvised rally than a protest. Row after row made the three-mile trek to the sounds of drums.


And the usual chants.

But of course, it wasn't a rally. 

-"We are here with Carla Barbei, she's one of the organizers of the march 'A Day Without Immigrants."