An energy industry group says a video game created by a Michigan State University assistant professor encourages "eco-terrorism" by enabling players to zap imaginary oil pipelines with lightning bolts, although the developer says it doesn't advocate violence. The game is called "Thunderbird Strike."

Officials say a fuel pipeline running from the Chicago area to the Detroit area is now in service.

The Wolverine Pipe Line Company has announced that the first commercial volume for the Detroit Metro Access Pipeline shipped earlier this month. The roughly 34 miles of pipeline connects to an existing Wolverine pipeline to transport refined petroleum products.

Construction was completed in January and the final testing was conducted in February. Company president Saul Flota says the pipeline responds to a demand for gasoline and diesel fuel in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Michigan officials have approved plans by pipeline company Enbridge to install additional supports for its twin oil pipelines in the waterway where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says it issued a permit Monday for Enbridge to install four additional supports beneath sections of the Straits of Mackinac pipelines known as Line 5.

An easement granted in the 1950s requires that the pipelines have some type of support no more than 75 feet apart.

Schuette asks feds to reject pipeline permit

Apr 15, 2016

State Attorney General Bill Schuette wants the federal government to reject an energy company’s request for permission to use a 98-year-old pipeline to ship crude oil.

The pipes run beneath the Saint Clair River on the border between Michigan and Ontario.

Andrea Bitely is Schuette’s press secretary. She says not enough is known about the safety of a pipe built in 1918 that’s never been used before to ship crude oil. And a spill would contaminate a drinking water source for millions of people.

DETROIT (AP) - DTE Energy Co. says $1.4 billion in investment is planned in Michigan natural gas pipeline infrastructure over the next five years.

The Detroit-based utility says Wednesday investments by DTE Gas will help maintain the natural gas system's safety and reliability while keeping prices affordable.

Plans call for modernizing cast iron and steel main pipelines with newer, more-durable material. New service lines to homes and businesses will be installed. Crews this year are on track to replace more than 100 miles of gas main lines, up from 80 miles in 2015.