The Whoville 5k

Nov 27, 2017

Thing One, Thing Two and the Mayor of Whoville will gather at the upcoming Whoville 5k. We discuss the event with the Whoville Mayor this morning.

Marathon Don Kern

Oct 9, 2017
stellaflysocialmedia.com / Terry Johnston

Marathon Don Kern from the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon joins in to talk about the festivities and going for your goals.

Run for Camp

Aug 28, 2017

Local camps team up to announce a unique fundraiser for scholarships. Guests from Camp Henry, Camp Roger and Camp Geneva discuss the Run for Camp on the 16th of September.

Michigan Titanium

Aug 17, 2017

Susan Haag is a record holder, having finished over 100 Ironmans.  In honor of the upcoming Michigan Titanium race on Sunday, we discuss the event and the challenges in the sport with Susan Haag and Gabrielle Gottlieb.

The Color Run

Jul 27, 2017

Don't miss the Color Run this weekend. The theme for this run, The Color Dream Tour.  We talk about this fitness activity on the grounds of Calder Plaza with our guest John Connors

We talk about the 10th annual Millennium Triathlon and its link with the State Games of America. Lisa Robinson is our guest.

Hope Network

The One in Five Marathon Relay takes place on May 28 with proceeds benefitting Hope Network. Meg Derrer, Executive Director of the Foundation, is in studio with the information.

Marathon Don

May 9, 2017

Marathon Don joins us this morning to talk about this weekend's 5/3 RiverBank Run, and more.

Grand Rapids Triathlon

We talk about outdoor racing season with Grand Rapids Tri Race Director Ann Vidro in studio.

Irish Jig 5k

Mar 10, 2017
Spectrum Health

The Spectrum Health Irish Jig 5k is Saturday, March 18. We discuss this fundraiser with guest from Spectrum Health.