Rep. Winnie Brinks

Rep. Winnie Brinks hosts Affordable Housing Town Hall

Nov 21, 2017

In an effort to address the affordable housing crisis in Grand Rapids Michigan House Representative Winnie Brinks hosted a Town Hall yesterday evening at the Inner City Christian Federation.

“I think that this is a conversation that is really ripe to be had. Quite unintentionally we have been a victim of our success here in Grand Rapids," Rep. Brinks said. "We have a thriving city, we have nearly full employment, however there are people who have not benefited from that growth, and those are the folks that are being priced out of the housing market.”

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Michigan State Representative Winnie Brinks is looking to extend her career in politics, officially announcing her run for the State Senate in the 29th district Thursday afternoon in East Grand Rapids. Rep. Brinks, a Democrat, is running for the seat currently occupied by Republican State Senator David Hildenbrand.

“I’m just really gratified by all of the support that I have gotten," Rep. Brinks said. There are a lot of great folks here today, and feel like we have got a great chance with these folks behind me.”

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Legislators call for change after a state audit released Friday finds multiple issues at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

The Michigan Office of the Auditor General report says the facility failed to properly handle complaints - including those for abuse and neglect – and provide appropriate medication, comprehensive care, and mandated staffing level needs.

It also cites the veterans’ home for having not actually provided more than a third of resident safety and welfare checks, despite center documentation indicating they’d occurred.

A package of bills announced by state Democrats would expand tax credits for working families, homeowners and college students.

Grand Rapids Representative Winnie Brinks says the Blueprint for Michigan’s Families includes credits to help with childcare or the needs of an elderly parent.

She says it would also expand eligibility for Michigan’s Homestead Property Tax Credit and other tax benefits from a current household income of $50,000 to $100,000.