Michigan's first school safety reform since the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting has passed the House.

Lawmakers on Tuesday advanced a bipartisan five-bill package to create a school safety commission under the state police. The commission would pioneer statewide safety standards for school buildings, grade them based on new metrics and provide funds for campuses that need upgrades.

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It's almost boating season. But before you hit the water, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources advises getting some safety instruction.

A nationwide campaign called Spring Aboard - Take a Boating Education Course takes place next week.

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A U.S.-Canadian agency is considering additional ways to measure the safety of Great Lakes water for drinking and activities such as swimming and fishing.

The proposals were developed by researchers with the International Joint Commission, which advises both nations on issues involving shared waterways.

Scientists who advise the commission say assuring good water quality in the Great Lakes will require accurate measurements of not just treated drinking water, but also the sources of that water.

This is National Child Passenger Safety Week and the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning among others are unveiling and updated kid's ID sticker for car seats. Guests join us to discuss.

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CCPS Community Connections, every month speaking with those from GVSU's College of Community and Public Service. Today, Dr. George Grant Jr, Dean.

Lids for Kids

Jun 10, 2016
Lids for Kids

Lids for Kids is a Bike Helmet giveaway and bike safety event, thanks to the Sinas Dramis Law Firm and the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. We speak to Tom Sinas about the details. 

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Scientists say municipal water in Flint, Michigan, has gotten much better in recent months and is safe for handwashing, showering and bathing.

A team led by engineering professor Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech provided an update Tuesday on results of sampling from homes and buildings in the city, where the water became tainted with lead and other pollutants after officials switched the source from Detroit's system to the Flint River in 2014.

Flint resumed using Detroit water last October.

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High school students in southwestern Michigan have taken top honors statewide for the school's campaign to stop distracted driving and boost seat belt use.

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning says Thursday that students at Sturgis High School were recognized for their efforts to educate classmates.

The "Strive For a Safer Drive" campaign is presented by the safety office and Ford Driving Skills for Life.

Three Rivers High School in St. Joseph County finished second.

Michigan Safety Conference

Over 3000 people arrive in Grand Rapids this week with the goal of making Michigan's workforce safer than ever. We discuss the Michigan Safety Conference with Coordinator Denise McGinn.

Spring Break Safety

Mar 22, 2016

How can you stay safe during spring break? East Grand Rapids' Officer Captain Ric Buikema give us tips which include preparing your home for travel and personal safety.