Uber says it received complaints about the alleged Kalamazoo shooter.

An Uber official is acknowledging that the company received a complaint about erratic driving by Jason Dalton Saturday night.

Dalton was charged Monday with killing six people in a shooting spree that began around 6 p.m. Saturday and ended nearly five hours later.

Uber passenger Matt Mellen said earlier Monday that he called police to report that Dalton was driving erratically more than an hour before the shootings began.

A series of upcoming Ottawa County workshops help churches and places of worship create proactive safety plans.

"I think the biggest thing – the reason, is to be prepared."

That’s Sergeant Mike Bagladi of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. The department is offering a free, two-phase safety and security workshop for local churches and places of worship.

"Churches around the area and now all over the United States are coming up with their own security teams," he says. "It’s a real growing interest in all congregations." 

Authorities are recommending the relocation of cable barriers and many other changes in the area of a massive pileup early this year on Interstate 94 in southwestern Michigan.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports the results of a safety audit were released Monday by state and federal officials.

It was commissioned by the state after the Jan. 9 wreck that involved nearly 200 vehicles on both sides of the freeway east of Galesburg.

Make sure it's a safe night for your trick or treaters this Halloween. Holly Always from Safe Kids West Michigan joins us with the tips.

The American Red Cross urges families to practice "Pool Safely" this Labor Day, a campaign to reduce child drownings.  We’re joined by Connie Harvey, director of Aquatics Centennial Initiatives.