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West Michigan’s economy returned to double-digit growth in February and that trend continued into March. WGVU breaks down the latest Supply Management Research survey.

Sonja Johnson from the Van Andel Global Trade Center joins us to discuss the 18th annual West Michigan Automotive Suppliers Symposium.

It’s a “back to work” attitude for the west Michigan economy following the December holiday season.

The January Supply Management Research Report has been released and all signs point to growth. But has the local economy maxed out?

“Most of the industries that we are surveying right now are optimistic to the point that things are going OK.”

That’s what business leaders are telling Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University.

Guests from the Seidman College of Business share their happenings with us every month. Today, Kevin Callison, Economics Professor, talks about the results released at the West Michigan Health Care Economic Forcast Event held on January 13.

The west Michigan economy slowed during the month of December. You can chalk it up as a holiday slowdown. As we enter January and the new year, what is the outlook among purchasing managers surveyed each month for the Supply Management Research Report?

“The Stock Market is in record territory right now.” Brian G. Long is director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University. “This means that business confidence has improved and our local number for business confidence are as good as they’ve been all year long.”

The West Michigan economy in October entered into what is being described as a slow, shallow growth period. What’s causing the flattening?

The October economic slowdown was triggered by a slowdown in auto sales and that’s impacting local parts suppliers.

Monthly we speak to those on behalf of the Seidman College of Business, with Professor Paul Isely discussing the Zoo/Museum Impact Study.

The West Michigan economy, while still positive, backtracked a bit in August. That’s the finding for the August Supply Management Research survey. Its author attributes it to the “summer doldrums.”

Monthly we speak to those from the Seidman College of Business.  Today's guestsare Econ Professor Sonia Dalmia and student Kasey Setlock discuss their research concerning women on corporate boards.

The 10th annual Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy gets underway on Monday.  It’s hosted by the Richard M and Helen DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship in the Seidman College of Business.  High school students from across West Michigan will spend a week at GVSU.  They’ll learn about the world of entrepreneurship and creating a start-up company. 

“The feedback we get from students is that the week is not long enough.  They want it to be longer because they get so much out of it.”