West Michigan’s economy continued its positive growth pattern in September. WGVU breaks down the numbers in the recent Supply Management Research survey.

“This trend has continued through September and it appears right now to probably continue through the fall and possibly even into the next year.” That’s Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University. He explains there are two areas of strength. The first is a rebound in auto sales both new and used.

A new survey finds rising disapproval of President Donald Trump by white millennials, but it's still below that of their black, Latino and Asian-American peers. A GenForward poll released Thursday shows that whites have joined the majorities of young adults in all racial and ethnic groups in disapproving of Trump's performance.

The West Michigan economy in October entered into what is being described as a slow, shallow growth period. What’s causing the flattening?

The October economic slowdown was triggered by a slowdown in auto sales and that’s impacting local parts suppliers.

Donald Trump campaign photo; Cheyna Roth /; Michigan Public Radio Network

One month ago Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a four percent lead over Republican Donald Trump in Michigan.

Now, with less than a month before voters head to the polls, Lansing-based Epic-MRA says Clinton has extended the lead to double-digits over the GOP nominee.

Epic-MRA polled 600 registered Michigan voters, 30-percent of those surveyed by cellphone, October 1st through the 3rd just days after the first Presidential debate.

The west Michigan economy got off to a crawl in January. Then the calendar flipped and new orders came pouring in - kick-starting the local economy in February. WGVU takes a closer look at the February Supply Management Research survey.

“We had a very anemic month as the New Year opened and we started to worry a little bit.”

Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business described economic growth as “slowing to a crawl” in his January Supply Management Research survey.

Residents in Grand Rapids are being asked for input as the City starts the process to redesign its website.  The goal is to make it more user friendly.  Here’s what the city wants you to do.

“We want everyone to have their voices heard; it’s about a 10 minute survey and you can do it right from your smart phone or your laptop.”

City of Grand Rapids Communications Director, Steve Guitar says for the next six weeks they’ll be looking at what it is city residents want in the city website.  He says they’ll start from scratch.

Michigan Democrats like their presidential candidates.

“They have a very positive view of both Clinton and Sanders 80 percent favorable rating for Clinton 72 percent favorable rating for Sanders.”

That’s EPIC-MRA President, Bernie Porn. He explains that’s where the feel good ends. Among the 400 registered Democrats surveyed by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton maintains a clear lead 56 percent to Bernie Sanders 31%.

The Michigan Primary is tomorrow. Another state poll asking Republican voters who they’ll vote for has been released.

Donald Trump is the Republican candidate to beat Tuesday in Michigan. An EPIC-MRA survey of 400 registered Republicans indicates 29% will vote for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s Michigan Primary followed by Ted Cruz with 19%, Marco Rubio at 18% and John Kasich with 8%. Ben Carson also polled at 8%, where do his votes go?

Brian G. Long

The West Michigan economy continues its growth but at a slower pace. WGVU takes a look at the numbers from October’s Supply Management Research survey.

In September, the Seidman College of Business Supply Management Research survey employment index turned negative for the first time in nearly six years.

As October comes to a close there’s a sigh of relief.

“Since it flipped back to positive this month we can say that employment will probably continue to grow at the slower rate that we’ve had for the last several months.”