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A new, secure computer lab that's part of an effort to hone software and train specialists in cyberdefense is opening in suburban Detroit.

The facility in Sterling Heights is linked to the Michigan Cyber Range.

It offers a place for training and exercises to simulate data hacks and test the effectiveness of software or networks for defense contractors, the auto industry and other businesses.


Mar 15, 2016

Inforum Michigan is the only professional organization in Michigan that combines strategic connections, proven professional development programs, a respected forum for new ideas, and original research to accelerate careers for women and boost talent initiatives for companies. Affinity groups are an attraction to the organization and today we talk about a new member led group focusing on Technology. We talk to Jori Hartwig and Catherine Lazarock on the details.

Tech Talk

Mar 10, 2016
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Our monthly Tech Talk conversation on the latest trends in technology.  Today we speak with OST's Corey Oostveen.

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A new commission would make recommendations on how Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed $165 million for infrastructure fixes might be spent.

Snyder signed an executive order Thursday to create the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission.

His office says that if the Legislature approves his budget proposal, the commission would help determine how some money is spent on transportation, water, sewer, energy, and communications infrastructure.

Snyder announced plans to create the commission during his State of the State address in January.


Mar 9, 2016

The Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning hosts their 40th annual Conference for Educational Technology today through Friday, with national leaders and classroom teachers presenting more than 350 sessions on best practices. We discuss with Kevin Clark, President of  the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning.

Officials at the University of Michigan are partnering on an effort to spur collaboration among university researchers, advanced transportation startups and student innovators.

Tech Talk

Feb 11, 2016
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Tech Talk, a monthly conversation on technology with experts from OST.

Transportation experts say driverless cars are around the corner, and Michigan may be well-poised to benefit.

"We may be the last generation that owns cars."

That’s California-based sustainable transportation consultant Lauren Isaac.

"It’s kind of mindblowing," she says. "And even beyond that, our kids, our grandkids - they probably will not have to deal with speeding tickets, or worrying about drunk driving or looking around for parking." 

Tech Talk

Jan 14, 2016
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Tech Talk, monthly discussing technology on a West Michigan level. Today's topic, Data Centers such as Switch and the potential impact on West Michigan.

CES International

The Consumer Electronics Show has kicked off in Las Vegas. Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong talks about the latest in technology, including talk about Pepper the Robot, as heard on NPR's Morning Edition this morning.