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The WGVU Explorers

Jun 14, 2018
WGVU Explorers logo
WGVU Explorers / WGVU Public Media

The WGVU Explorers are soon off to Iceland and to Normandy. We talk to WGVU’s Michael Walenta about these upcoming opportunities.

Nutrient Nook

Jun 13, 2018

It’s Nutrient Nook with dietician Wendy Brookhouse and Wellness Manager Kristin Sadler.

Pick for Pantries

Jun 13, 2018

Head to Zeeland to participate in Pick for Pantries, a program that lets U-Pick customers donate a portion of their pick to local food pantries. We talk to Garrett Ziegler, MSU Extension community food systems educator to talk about this gathering on Visser Farms Strawberry Patch.


Jun 13, 2018

We talk about ScART with artist Lisa McKenzie, empowering Cancer Survivors through Abstract Art.

Youth Weightlifting

Jun 13, 2018
USA Weightlifting
USA Weightlifting

We talk about Grand Rapids hosting the World's largest Youth Weightlifting Event with the West Michigan Sports Commission's Mike Gusswiler.

OHNA Garden Tour

Jun 13, 2018
Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Association

The OHNA 25th Annual Garden Tour has begun with over 25 gardens, including Garden Yoga. We talk to Fred Davison, President of the Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Association.

All About the Eye

Jun 13, 2018
Photo of Eye
Wikimedia Commons

All About the Eye with Dr. Gary Anderson. Today we talk about about care for the eyes in the summer.

Wish A Mile Bike Tour

Jun 13, 2018
Make-A-Wish logo

We conclude our spotlight on Make A Wish and the Wish A Mile Bike Tour. We discuss with Lori Herbst, wish mom, and Amy Davis, Wish rider.

Telling Your Story

Jun 12, 2018

Telling your Story, Emmanuel Hospice bringing stories from the community about people living life to the fullest. We talk to Dick Ortega, a volunteer who continues to give back to the community.

A World in Disarray

Jun 12, 2018
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
Public domain photo via Wikimedia | CC BY 2.0

Ambassadors are in town this week on behalf of the Center for New American Security and the WACWM to discuss the topic, “A World In Disarray: Prospects and Challenges for Transatlantic Cooperation.” We talk to the Ambassador of Norway to the U.S., His Excellency Kare Aas, and Kadri Liik, Sr. Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations.