The WGVU Morning Show

It's Cookie Season! Girls Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore join us with the thin mints and more. We talk to scouts Isabelle Myers, Lindsay Duell and leader Mary Frances.

Michigan Farm Bureau

Feb 20, 2018 / Michigan Farm Bureau

Guests from the Michigan Farm Bureau join us on a regular basis.  Today, Nick Schwietzer is here to discuss a trip to New Zealand.

Justin Winslow from the Michigan Restaurant Association joins us. We talk about how does the restaurant industry supports the economy in Michigan. 

The Boy Scouts are looking for Honor Guards.  Troops can now apply to be the Governor’s Honor Guard on Mackinac Island. We talk to a local Scoutmaster and an Eagle Scout.

Inspired Life GR

Feb 19, 2018

We discuss the upcoming Inspired Life GR conference, featuring local health and wellness experts and businesses. Kelly Hassberger is our guest.

All About Holland

Feb 19, 2018

All About Holland, sharing the monthly arts and entertainment happenings in Holland. Today's spotlight is on the Holland Museum.  Lorma Freestone and Ricki Levine are our guests.

Travel Talk

Feb 19, 2018

Travel Talk with JoAnn Verboom. Today we talk about trying to avoid germs and good news for procrastinators.

Team Rubicon

Feb 19, 2018
Team Rubicon
Team Rubicon /

The WGVU Engage I Have Made a Difference Awards recognize excellence in our local community and TMS has been putting the spotlight on the winners. Today we welcome the Veterans' Community Award winner, Team Rubicon.

John Proulx

Feb 19, 2018

Musician John Proulx returns to the Morning Show to talk about his latest recording and his welcome back party at St. Cecilia Music Center.

Dr. Stephanie Young

Feb 16, 2018
World Affairs Council

The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan welcomes Dr. Stephanie Young as keynote speaker for Monday's Great Decisions Global Discussion series. We talk to Dr. Young this morning.