The WGVU Morning Show

Tech Talk

Sep 14, 2017
tec_estromberg via Flickr | CC BY 2.0 /

Tech Talk, monthly putting the spotlight on technology with guests in studio on behalf of OST. Today's topic, developing and designing for accessibility. Chris Chiles is our guest.

HBA Micro-Run

Sep 13, 2017

The HBA Foundation presents a mico run fundraiser this weekend, raising dollars for good causes. We talk to the partners involved.

Lynn Novick

Sep 13, 2017

We put the spotlight on LZ Michigan as we lead up to the September 23rd event. Today, Producer/Director Lynn Novick speaks with us about the documentary she and Ken Burns have made, The Vietnam War, beginning September 17 on WGVU TV.

Author Doug Stanton

Sep 13, 2017

Author Doug Stanton joins TMS to discuss his latest work, both in book form and on the big screen. He kicks off Sunday's Traverse City Film Festival.

West Michigan Symphony

Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment, a monthly conversation on the happenings in the Muskegon area Lakeshore. Guests from West Michigan Symphony and others join us.

All About Kent

Sep 13, 2017
Kent County

We put the spotlight on Kent County, with Mary Swanson, Assistant County Administrator and Lisa LaPlante, Community Liaison.

All About the Eye

Sep 13, 2017

All About the Eye, a monthly conversation with Dr. Gary Anderson. Today we  discusses Back to School vision.

The Athena Awards Celebration happens tomorrow, honoring Priority Health's Joan Budden. We talk to Joan this morning.

The Collector's Show

Sep 12, 2017
Chris Protas

Artist Chris Protas is here to discuss his 5th installment of The Collectors Show in partnership with Art Prize.

Telling Your Story

Sep 12, 2017

Telling Your Story, every month putting the spotlight on those most experienced in life, thanks to Emmanuel Hospice, Sunset, Porter Hills, Clark and more. Today, guests from Sunset discuss the upcoming centenarian celebration.