The WGVU Morning Show

Sunday Night Funnies

Mar 9, 2017

Laughfest begins tonight and runs through the March 19. We talk about Sunday Night Funnies with MC Brian B.

WGVU Explorers

Mar 9, 2017
WGVU Explorers logo
WGVU Explorers / WGVU Public Media

The WGVU Explorers are soon off to Alaska and then Ireland, Scotland and Britain. Kelly Berendsen and Steve Chappell from WGVU share details.

MPLP Breakfast

Mar 8, 2017
IPPSR - Michigan State University

West Michigan guests recently attended the 15th annual Michigan Political Leadership Program Breakfast.  The speakers were Governor Howard Dean and Political Strategist Ana Navarro. The Morning Show Roving Microphone was there.

West Michigan Symphony

Lakeshore Arts and Entertainment with today's spotlight on the West Michigan Symphony and The Block.  Carla Hill and Scott Speck are our guests.

Wonder Women

Mar 8, 2017
Sam Maggs

It’s International Women's Day and we speak with Sam Maggs, author of ‘Wonder Women, 25 Innovators, Inventors and Trailblazers who Changed History.’

Danielle Scott-Arruda - via Twitter

Meet Danielle Scott-Arruda, Olympic Volleyball Silver Medalist, recently serving as keynote speaker for the first annual Olivet College Cultivating Women Leaders Initiative Program.

We discuss the No Surrender Running Club with Megan Zelinsky.  No Surrender is looking to increase the number of youth they serve and volunteers to help.

Be Nice.

Mar 8, 2017

The "Be Nice" program is operated by the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan, recently teaming up with with GVSU President Emeritus Don Lubbers and Nancy Lubbers to establish a fund to honor their son's memory.

A  local National Mental Health Campaign launches locally through a GVSU student group, GrandPR. We talk to Lauren Ritsema about the Campaign to Change Direction and this Bateman Competition.

Pecha Kucha

Mar 8, 2017
Gilda's Club

LaughFest begins tomorrow with 10 days and dozens of national and local acts. Pecha Kucha Grand Rapids is part of LaughFest and we talk about it this morning with Dan Terpstra and Raul Alvarez!