The WGVU Morning Show

Author James Hayman joins us to discuss his latest, ‘The Girl on the Bridge,’ a compelling and harrowing tale of suspense.

Telling Your Story

Jul 11, 2017

Telling Your Story, every month sharing stories of the most experienced in our community from St Ann's, Porter Hills, Emmanuel Hospice, Clark and more. Today, "Betty" talks about her recent visit to the local LPGA tournament. The roving microphone was there.

Finding Your Style

Jul 11, 2017
WGVU Public Media

Finding Your Style, a monthly conversation on personal and professional style. Today's topic: the best of summer style.

Arts and Access Forum

Jul 11, 2017
Disability Advocates and DisArt

Arts and Access Forum, a monthly discussion about the vibrant life of the disabled in West Michigan. Today, Christine Morse, Jackson Botsford and Katie Poter join us to talk about the latest happenings at Disability Advocates of KC.

WGVU-TV will be airing A Lesson in Diplomacy on July 30 at 2 pm.  Producer Gordon Alderink joins us this morning to share details on this story of an American college baseball team traveling from their homes in Michigan to Havana, Cuba.

The Nonprofit organization Fleece and Thank You presents a Make a Blanket Day in early August, with the goal of 5000 blanket to be made and delivered to those in need. Spencer Rohatynski  joins us to share the details.

Garry Knight / Homeless by a Wall - Flickr

Partnering to End Homelessness. Today’s we talk about addressing the rural crisis and the effect on school aged children. Adrienne Goodstal and Stacie Voskuil join us.


Jul 10, 2017
Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health announces the opening of STRIVE:  a unique model in primary care services in downtown GR, designed to make it easy to be healthy and well. Roger Jansen, Sr VP business development and chief strategy officer, with the information.

Alexandre Varela

Jul 10, 2017

Noted French Music Producer Alexandre Varela and Manager Mike Coleman join TMS to discuss a music project with Michigan ties.

Perspectives in Philanthropy, talking each month with guests from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. President Diana Sieger is here today to discuss strategic planning.