The WGVU Morning Show

Perspectives in Philanthropy, conversations with guests from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Today's topic, One Hundred New Philanthropists.

The Women's City Club presents their fundraiser, the WCC Used Book Sale, a community event open to the public that also will provide a sneak peek to the beautiful historic home. Margaret Burrows-Getz and Anne Hill join us to discuss.

Juliette Cowall

Apr 10, 2017
Juliette Cowall

We talk about how businesses can improve their online identity. Marketing Special Juliette Cowall joins us for the discussion.

Your Home by Design

Apr 10, 2017
CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay

Your Home By Design, a monthly spotlight on your home inside and out. Today's topic, the three biggest Lighting Mistakes.  Deidre Remtema and Bill Click are our guests.

GRPM Planetarium

Apr 7, 2017

Producer Joe takes his roving microphone to the Planetarium. Hear what's happening in the skies in our own back yard.

Eco Insider

Apr 7, 2017

Eco Insider, monthly, guests on behalf of WMEAC sharing their latest environmental happenings. Today, welcome Elaine Isely, Director of Water and Low Impact Development Programs and Tom Ecklund, Facilities Director, Ford International Airport.

Why the need for Advance Care Planning? Experts from the field share their answers, this organized process of communication to help individuals to discuss goals for future healthcare decisions. Margaret Howard and Nicky Lewis to discuss.

Part 3 of a three part series with the attention to the GR Film Festival. Today's spotlight on the Michigan produced Buffalo, with Director and Cast in studio.

Monthly guests from GVSU's College of Health Professions present local information, today's topic, the Grand Valley Power Mobility Project with principal investigators joining in.

Local Author Adam Schuitema joins TMS, his latest is out, The Things We Do That Make No Sense. We talk to Adam.