Wildlife biologists are stepping up efforts in southern Michigan to monitor ospreys. The birds of prey had all but disappeared from the area because of pesticide pollution but are coming back. Four osprey chicks were fitted this year with "backpack" GPS units enabling scientists to track the birds' movements and seasonal migration patterns. 

A new computer application enables Michigan residents to help conserve fish and wildlife by reporting what they see while out in the field. The Eyes in the Field app replaces 15 separate forms that the state Department of Natural Resources previously used to gather this kind of information.

Naturally Speaking

Apr 11, 2017
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Michigan Department of Natural Resources / michigan.gov

Naturally Speaking with Mark Harvey, state archivist with the Michigan History Center.

Michigan Wildlife Council

The Michigan Wildlife Council presents its latest campaign, a first effort to help educate Michiganders about the importance of wildlife conservation and more. We speak with Jim Hammill this morning.

If you want to be helpful this spring as birds hatch and raise their young, the best thing to do is leave them alone.