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Habitat Kent builds new house for local veteran's family

Built by local non-profit Habitat for Humanity of Kent County, an army veteran, his wife and children are just days away from moving into their brand new house. Jon and Lindsay Droski learned the non-profit had accepted their application more than a year ago when Habitat Kent called her on the phone and gave her the good news. “I couldn’t believe it,” Lindsay said. “I started jumping up and down, and I ran down to the main floor telling everybody I worked with. It was a great, phenomenal...

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Michigan Attorney Bill Schuette and state lawmakers are calling for an overhaul of how the property of recently deceased people is dealt with.

News reports have outlined how some lawyers appointed by the attorney general’s office to deal with unclaimed property have abused the process. They’ve taken control of property before families have filed with the local probate court, and charged large fees to sell and administer the property. Three of the administrators have been removed.

       Andrea Bitely is with the attorney general’s office.

Man cleared of rape in Grand Rapids awarded $817,000

19 hours ago
Michigan State Police

A Grand Rapids-area man who spent nearly 17 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit has been awarded $817,000. Quentin Carter's conviction was thrown out in 2015 at the request of the Kent County prosecutor after new evidence emerged. He had already served his prison sentence. Carter qualified for a state payment under a new Michigan law that compensates the wrongly convicted if there's new evidence. 

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Donald Trump won the state of Michigan in the 2016 Presidential Election. Yet, a recent statewide poll indicates that heading into his 8th month in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump receives an overall positive job approval rating of 35% compared to a 62% negative rating.

Michigan pollster EPIC-MRA is releasing a series of survey results this week. WGVU breaks down part one.

Lansing-based EPIC-MRA conducted its survey from August 27th through September 1st. It polled 600 registered Michigan voters, reaching 30 percent of them by cellphone.

Michigan Senate votes to change fees for private harbors

22 hours ago
Michigan capitol building
Michigan Senate /

A divided Michigan Senate has voted to reduce state fees assessed on homeowners with wave-reducing breakwalls in the Great Lakes. The Republican sponsor of a bill approved Wednesday says it would protect people from government "overreach" and cut payments that can reach $1,000 a year.

A Democratic opponent says existing fees are reasonable because the bottomlands are owned by the public and permanent structures in the water can negatively impact aquatic ecosystems and neighboring shoreline property.

After Grand Rapids show, civil rights group wants Kid Rock concerts cancelled

22 hours ago

After he gave an impassioned speech during his concert Wednesday evening at Van Andel arena, Kid Rock is facing some political backlash. Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, stopped three songs into his concert in Grand Rapids to give a speech condemning the KKK, bigots, and anyone who kneels during the national anthem. 

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Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday at a historic black church in Missouri was mostly well-received by the audience, but three words angered some of the activists she was hoping to appeal to.

Clinton spoke to frequent applause about religion, racism, access to education, repairing communities and the shooting last week in Charleston, S.C.

The church where Clinton spoke, Christ the King United Church of Christ, is in Florissant, Mo., fewer than 5 miles from where the rioting and protesting happened in Ferguson.

Better communication with the families of kidnapped Americans — and a pledge that those relatives won't face criminal charges if they pay ransoms — are at the heart of an update to the U.S. federal hostage policy, released Wednesday.

When you hear the words "green brewery," you might picture gleaming solar panels or aerodynamic wind turbines. But the most valuable piece of technology at the $24 million headquarters of Smuttynose Brewing Co. on the seacoast of New Hampshire isn't quite as sexy.

"The place you have to start is the building envelope," says Smuttynose founder Peter Egelston.

While the debate over whether to label foods containing GMO ingredients plays out across the country, another engineered food has long been waiting to hit grocery stores: genetically modified salmon.