Proposed assessments could mean about 140,000 Detroit homeowners will have their 2017 property taxes lowered by about $263 each.
     The Detroit News reports that another 112,000 homeowners could pay about $80 more in taxes. Tax bills are to be mailed out in June.
     The assessments were announced Monday by the city and follow Detroit's three-year, parcel-by-parcel reappraisal of nearly 255,000 homes. It's the first time in about six decades that the city has appraised residential properties.


A federal judge has turned down Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s request to file a brief supporting a group of pastors suing the state over the Flint water crisis. He says it’s Schuette’s job to represent the state in the case.

Schuette’s office is defending the state and Governor Rick Snyder in the lawsuit. Schuette also tried to file a separate argument backing the group suing the state. Judge David Lawson rejected the request, saying Schuette can’t be on both sides of the case – that crosses an ethical line that undermines his client’s position.

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Michigan Senators are making a big push for prison and parole reform this year.

Over twenty of the 52 bills introduced during session last week were about criminal justice reform.

   Several of the bills focus on probation and parole violations. They would change penalties for probationers that commit technical probation violation and discontinue services to parole absconders.

   Republican Senator Rick Jones is the main sponsor of a couple of the bills. He says they have been working on the package for a while.

Judge rejects filing by Michigan Attorney General

4 hours ago

A judge has told Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to butt out of an ongoing dispute over home delivery of water in Flint.

Publisher revives journalist's memoir of mental hospital

7 hours ago

A publisher is bringing back a 1950's memoir written by a journalist who spent 45 days in a Traverse City psychiatric hospital.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle says Mission Point Press is donating $1 from each book sale to a local historical society to help create a permanent exhibit of artifacts from the old Traverse City State Hospital.

"How Thin The Veil" was written by Jack Kerkhoff after he checked into the hospital for severe depression. Mission Point Press business manager Doug Weaver says the book was the "perfect snapshot" of the hospital at the time.

Kent County

The Kent County Health Department continues to offer free radon test kits to residents.

They call it a silent killer: lung cancer caused by radon gas. 

“Because it doesn’t get a lot of media attention, we’ve been calling it the silent-silent killer because you don’t know that it’s coming in your home. But it doesn’t get a lot of attention. We think we can make some in roads on this, by getting people to test their homes.”

North Ottawa Dunes park expands

7 hours ago

About 80 acres in western Michigan are being added to North Ottawa Dunes park in Ottawa County.

The land in Spring Lake Township was acquired through a property exchange. Ottawa County Parks says it contributed $400,000 from a millage.

The parcel will increase the size of the park to 593 acres.

It is along the eastern edge of the dunes and is surrounded by park on three sides. It is primarily back dune forest dominated by sugar maple, American beech, eastern hemlock and red oak.

Illegal Drug is deadly warn Grand Rapids Police

8 hours ago

Grand Rapids police have issued a public safety warning after an illegal drug that is circulating in the city has caused 13 people to overdose in the past week. Last weekend the police department responded to 8 overdoses with one incident resulting in death. 

A judge says Grand Rapids prison food that might not be tasty isn't enough to carry a lawsuit.

Grand Rapids Inauguration Day "watch party" reactions

Jan 20, 2017
Wikimedia Commons / Joint Congressional Inauguration Committee

As President Donald Trump took the oath of office and was officially sworn in, watch parties across Grand Rapids took place to witness the ushering in of a new presidency. WGVU spoke with a number of people about their immediate reaction to President Trump's inauguration speech.

"We will make America great again!"

As President Donald Trump finished his inaugural speech, a large crowd at kent County GOP headquarters cheered on the new president, and most felt that the speech delivered a unifying message after months of division.