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Pipeline company Enbridge says an oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan has passed federally required pressure tests. 

The test took place Saturday on one pipeline that's part of Line 5.

Enbridge pumped the line's west segment with water and kept pressure high for 8 hours.

Enbridge officials told reporters in a conference call Monday the line is fit for service and no leaks were found. A second pipeline, called the east segment, will be tested soon.

More work needed on Grand Haven's south pier is delaying its scheduled reopening.
     WOOD TV reports Friday that broken tie-rods were found within the pier, stopping work for two weeks as workers waited for materials.
     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers area engineer Tom O'Bryan says the updated total cost is about $3.2 million. O'Bryan works in the corps' Lake Michigan area office.

The Michigan Democratic Party has been fined $500,000 after a probe found problems with the organization's former practice of fundraising through bingo games. The civil fine is one of the largest levied by the Federal Election Commission. An investigation conducted by the political party found poor record-keeping, excessive contributions and other problems, and those findings were turned over to the federal agency. 

Grand Valley State University has launched an $85 million fundraising campaign. It's reported the "Laker Effect" campaign will provide increased support for students and allow university programs and facilities to stay current. The initiative will address three primary areas: opportunity, achievement and relevance. 

The university's President Thomas J. Haas says the Michigan school's strategic plan "inspires and compels us to ensure our students are enabled and successful, and our programs are relevant for their future and the future of our region and our state."

Governor Rick Snyder
Office of Gov. Rick Snyder /

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation requiring that public employees convicted of a crime related to their work lose a portion of their pension or 401(k).

Michigan law had allowed for forfeiture of public employees' retirement benefits if they misuse funds or take bribes.

The new law enacted Wednesday mandates such forfeitures and applies them to a convicted worker's 401(k) - not just a pension.

Michigan Capitol Building
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Legislation up for a vote in Michigan would let hunters kill frogs all year round and lift a ban against spearing frogs by using an artificial light.

The Senate is expected to pass the bill Thursday and send it to the House for consideration.

Michigan now prohibits killing any species of frog between mid-November and late spring. It also bars frog-spearing - or "gigging" - which is popular among young people in southern states, according to a legislative analysis.

The bill's opponents say frog-spearing is inhumane and frogs need protection to breed.

MSU logo / Michigan State University

Michigan State University is delaying plans to curb parking for mopeds after students pushed back against the changes.

The Lansing State Journal reports students who use mopeds can continue to park at bike racks next to campus buildings through the 2017-18 school year.

A plan announced in April would have required moped riders to park in designated spaces on campus beginning this fall.

The East Lansing school's police department says plans have been pushed back to the 2018-19 school year so people can be made aware of changes.

Gov. Rick Snyder says he will be meeting more frequently with Republican legislative leaders after a "positive" meeting.
     GOP lawmakers are pushing to close the pension system to newly hired teachers in favor of a 401(k) only. Snyder opposes the switch, and the impasse led legislators to exclude Snyder from their budget decisions.

The Michigan House has passed a package of four bills that would make concealed pistol licenses optional for people living in the state.
     The primary bill passed 59 to 49 Wednesday while others passed on similar votes.
     The bills now go to the state Senate. They would remove the restriction of requiring a license to carry a concealed pistol and let people voluntarily get education or training since a permit would not be required.

A Michigan House committee is looking to stop local governments from becoming "sanctuary cities" that don't cooperate with immigration authorities.
     The House Local Government Committee approved two bills that would ban local units of government from calling themselves sanctuary cities. It would also prohibit local governments from enacting laws that limit cooperation with federal officials.