Candidates announce plans to increase transparency in state government

Mar 12, 2018

Democratic Representative Jeremy Moss

Attorney General Bill Schuette announced a plan to improve government transparency today. But some call it a political stunt in Schuette’s bid for governor.

Democratic Representative Jeremy Moss has made transparency in state government his mission. He’s introduced bills – some of them similar to Schuette’s proposal. For example, both want the governor’s office to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

   But Moss says Schuette has been in a unique position as Attorney General to improve transparency. And he hasn’t.  

“So where has he been for the last eight years as attorney? Now, very conveniently, he’s running for governor and running on transparency, but he’s been totally off duty the last eight years.”


Schuette’s plan would also ban former state elected officials from becoming lobbyists for five years. And it would require candidates and office holders to release their tax returns.