Field Notes in Philanthropy

Philanthrōpía: love for mankind. When we say “philanthropy,” we’re including the entire ecosystem of nonprofit workers, organizations, donors, foundations, and volunteers who make up the social sector in the United States.

One in ten American workers are employed by the nonprofit sector, but it seems that most philanthropy in this country happens off the front page. We still struggle to talk about the impact of philanthropy – on elections, on policy, on communities – but we’re living it every day. So we started a podcast to host these conversations, to explore the places where politics, current events, and philanthropy meet.

Episode 2: Sittin’ Here on Capitol Hill

Philanthropy and policymaking came head-to-head in national conversations this winter during the tax overhaul debates. Among many others, foundation leaders and associations jumped in to advocate on behalf of the charitable sector. But many foundations have the means, the expertise, and the will to shape other kinds of public policy – the kinds that shape our communities, governance, and daily lives.

Episode 1: The Evolution of Philanthropy

When the Greek titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give it to the struggling human race, Zeus accused him of being a “philanthropos tropos” – a being who loves humans.