Better Business Bureau

Another scam warning coming from the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan.   This time its utilities allegedly calling businesses and demanding payment or they’ll shut off your power.

“We had a report of a business in Kalamazoo that was contacted by a representative from their energy company and they were told they missed payments and that technicians were literally headed to the business to turn off the power.”

It’s the New Year.  Time for resolutions and making new commitments. If joining a gym is on your list of resolutions, you are not alone. January sees a huge surge in gym activity. Before you sign on the dotted line, do your research!  The Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan has some tips to consider to make sure you get the most from your membership.

“When people look and try to get a new gym membership, it’s always good to shop around and see if there are any trial periods.”

BBB Western Michigan

The Better Business Bureau of Grand Rapids recently helped a Grand Rapids woman caught up in what they’re calling a “sweepstakes heartbreak”.   The BBB is encouraging West Michigan residents to help protect vulnerable adults.  They say some bank accounts are being drained over a sweepstakes scam.

“This was really a unique situation, I had never come across it before.  But it was really heartbreaking, because this lady, didn’t understand until it was too late and she’d been duped out of all this money.”

We’ve all fumbled through the process of creating passwords on websites that have a bunch of rules: two capital letters, a number, a special character etc.  And once you pick it, you then have to remember it or write it down. But, you’re belief is your account is secure after all the hassle, right?  Experts say NO.

“We are kinda moving towards, outsmarting a computer.”

The Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan has issued a warning to local consumers.  They say it’s an email scam with emails allegedly coming from Chase Bank. 

“This is a particularly scary scam because it is targeting current customers of Chase Bank. And it is an email being sent to these people that essentially looks exactly like an email you would get from Chase Bank.