Chief David Rahinsky

Courtesy office of Mayor Bliss

During her 3rd State of the City Address last week Grand Rapids mayor Rosalynn Bliss turned her attention to public safety. In the aftermath of what she called “critical incidents involving youth” and the profiling minority motorists, the mayor is seeking solutions for improving relations between the Grand Rapids Police Department and the diverse communities it serves.

"We must be a community of trust, safety, fairness, respect and security for all.”

Daniel Boothe

Results from a recent study found that Grand Rapids Police are twice as likely to pull over African-American motorists than they are non-black motorists. 

GRPD badge
Grand Rapids Police Department /

Grand Rapids police say they're going to increase efforts to find suspects responsible for an increase in shootings over the last two months.

Grand Rapids Police Department chief David Rahinsky tells WOOD-TV the department is concerned about the spike in shootings and that the violent crime is unacceptable for the community.

He says the department will have more officers on the street in cars and on foot.

Police department data show there were 20 shooting incidents in the city between January and August.