All About Women

Jun 16, 2016

All About Women, a monthly conversation with the topic of Health Care for women. Dr. Robyn Hubbard is in the studio to talk about what's trending today.

Nutrient Nook

Jun 13, 2016

Nutrient Nook, a monthly spotlight on all things well when it comes to eating and staying fit! Today, Grand Valley Health Plan's Wendy Brookhouse and Exercise Specialist Jehricole Olenzuk join us.

Health Week

Jun 9, 2016

We talk about Health Week, a weeklong series of events intended to help the community adopt healthy lifestyles among members of GR's diverse communities. Cle Jackson, Jorge Gonzales, Chef D, and AJ Hills talk about the events on behalf of Blue Cross, Blue Shield.


Psychologist Eric Lake of Grand Valley Health Plan stops by to talk about balancing technology in our lives.

All About Women

May 19, 2016

All About Women, a segment with the focus on women's health. Dr. Robyn Hubbard talks this month about a healthy sexual household: using proper anatomy in the small talk.

Dr. Craig Alguire

May 18, 2016

Spectrum Health's Dr. Craig Alguire shares his cancer story: From Caregiver to Care-getter.

Metro Health Foundation's Jennifer Wilson and Floyd Wilson stop by to talk about their upcoming fundraiser and other hospital happenings.

Michigan is getting $17.2 million after drugmaker Pfizer Inc. agreed to resolve allegations that one of its companies failed to give Medicaid the same discounts it provided to private purchasers of a heartburn treatment.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Wednesday detailed the state's portion of the settlement that totals nearly $785 million.

The tentative deal that resolves allegations filed by two whistleblowers was first announced in February, but final approval was announced Wednesday by the U.S. attorney's office in Boston.

Governor Rick Snyder has made James Robert Redford's interim role at the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency permanent.

Redford was appointed the MVAA's interim director in February, after the release of a Grand Rapids Home for Veterans audit that found medication, personnel, reporting and safety issues.

The audit also cited improper handling of client complaints, including those for abuse and neglect.

Former Director Jeff Barnes resigned following the report's release.

Healthy Headlines

Apr 25, 2016
Kent County, MI

Healthy Headlines is a monthly conversation with guests from Kent County Health Department. Today we  talkabout a local establishment and its latest health challenges and the upcoming Bissell clear the shelters day.  Steve Kelso is our guest.