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Cider pigs providing pest control in Fennville

Oct 27, 2016
Wiki commons / Wikimedia Commons

A cider maker in Allegan County is using pigs to help fight pests in its orchard. Virtue Cider in Fennville bought 18 Glouchestershire Old Spot pigs - also called “orchard pigs.”

They’re known for eating bug-ridden apples that fall on the ground. The practice of using pigs to control farm pests goes back to the 1900’s. Today, some question whether if it’s effective - or even safe.

Jason Hainsworth releases "Third Ward Stories"

Oct 26, 2016
Elisabeth D'Orcy / Wikimedia Commons

Tenor player Jason Hainsworth has released Third Ward Stories, his sophomore release on the Origin Records label. The young composer and band leader has created an album of originals plus jazz standards.

Dakota Access oil pipeline protesters in North Dakota have set up a new camp on private land recently purchased by the development company.

The opponents say the area rightfully belongs to Native Americans under an 1851 treaty, and they are vowing to stay put until the project is stopped.

Protests have been ongoing in the area for months, but the latest move marks the first time demonstrators have moved directly in the project's path.

Tom Cruise stars in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Oct 21, 2016

Tom Cruise returns to the big screen in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.  The king of the independent film Tyler Perry also makes a return as Medea in Boo! A Medea Halloween...plus there are four other movies opening in western Michigan theaters...WGVU sits down with Ron VanTimmeran from Celebration Cinema to break it all down in our weekly movie talk...but first this trailer from Jack Reacher: Never Let Go.

Mark Sanchez
Courtesy photo / LinkedIn.com

Spectrum Health is joining Affirmant Health Partners and there's legislation that could help support local, urban farming.    


Tuesday, October 18th @ 10 PM FRONTLINE continues its ISIS reporting with Terror in Europe with an insiders look at Europe's attempts to combat the terrorism threat as ISIS loses ground in the Middle East, but strikes out elsewhere.

WGVU talks with ProPublica reporter Sebastian Rotella who is investigating what went wrong with European intelligence in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo, Paris and Brussels attacks.

Our first question, if America is ISIS' main target, why is Europe in its crosshair?

Grand Valley State Sports Report

Oct 17, 2016

Alexis Mencotti has battled injuries her whole career and is not able to continue playing. Yet she has been a valuable leader and inspiration to her Grand Valley Soccer teammates. Especially to her sister Gabrielle who is leading the GLIAC in scoring. This is the tale of the two sisters. 

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Ben Affleck stars as The Accountant, Kevin Hart performs standup in Kevin Hart:  What Now? and the science fiction adventure film Max Steel opens along with an independent feature...WGVU breaks it all down with Jenny Garone from Celebration Cinema in our weekly movie talk.

Grand Valley State Sports Report

Oct 12, 2016

Defensive linemen Alton Voss and Sydney Omameh have unique stories on how they ended up with the Grand Valley State Lakers. Both are paying big dividends for the Laker Defense that has helped the team to a 6-0 start.

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Michigan Department of Transportation

Why are portions of M-6 crumbling, and what is the state doing about it?

In 2004 the Michigan Department of Transportation spent $370 million constructing the South Beltline. The warranty on the surface expired before sections of the freeway began to fail. Three years from now MDOT will resurface two, three mile sections of M-6 where seams are prematurely deteriorating.

The state called on Dr. Peter Taylor, director of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, to find out what can be done to improve state roadway surfaces.