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Welcome to Decision 2016:The U.S. House of Representatives Candidate Forum. This is an opportunity for voters to hear directly from the candidates. Today we turn our attention to the U.S. House of Representatives race in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District.

The candidates interviewed are:

U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, (R-Zeeland)

Matthew Brady, (G-Holland)

Erwin Haas, (L-Kentwood)

Dennis Murphy, (D-Grandville)

Ronald Graeser, (UST-Fremont)

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Welcome to Decision 2016: The U.S. House of Representatives Candidate Forum. This is an opportunity for voters to hear directly from the candidates. Today we turn our attention to the U.S. House of Representatives race in Michigan’s 6th Congressional District. 

We interview candidates:

U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, (R-Saint Joseph)

Paul Clements, (D-Kalamazoo)

Lorence Wenke, (L-Kalamazoo)

This Forum was recorded Thursday, October 20th from the studios of the Meijer Public Broadcast Center at Grand Valley State University.

File photo of Tim Kaine
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It’s the final push for presidential candidates before Election Day on November 8th, and Michigan has not lost their attention.

Senator Tim Kaine will be in Michigan on Sunday. The Democratic Vice Presidential nominee will make two stops in the metro Detroit area, one in Warren and one in Taylor.

Kaine is expected to give a speech in front of over 500 union members and their families at the Warren event.


Governor Rick Snyder took his veto pen to a plan adopted by the Legislature to change how the state raises money for the Medicaid program.

He was concerned the federal government would reject it. That would have put many millions of dollars in federal money for Medicaid at risk.

Business groups, in particular, have been frustrated with the current tax on health insurance claims. They say it drives up the cost of employee health coverage.

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency / Michigan.gov

Michigan veterans’ facilities are getting new reporting requirements.

Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill Wednesday that requires the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, its successor agency, or the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) to send reports to the governor and legislature four times a year.

The reports must examine issues like timeliness of medication distribution, how patient’s money is accounted for, and staffing levels. R

Michigan is asking a federal appeals court to restore the state’s ban on people taking “selfies” with their ballots on Election Day.

A federal judge ruled earlier this week that Michigan’s “ballot selfies” ban violates First Amendment free speech rights.

Fred Woodhams is a spokesman for the state Bureau of Elections. He says the law that says no one can show their filled-out ballot to another person protects voters. “We believe the law ensures Michigan residents can cast a ballot free of outside influence.

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A Michigan court has rejected a request for a one-judge grand jury investigation of Gov. Rick Snyder's decision to use at least $2 million in state funds for his legal representation related to criminal probes of Flint's water crisis.

A city resident and her attorney said Tuesday that the Ingham County Circuit Court denied their petition.

U.S. Government / Wikimedia Commons

The Environmental Protection Agency's internal watchdog says the EPA had the authority and enough information to issue an emergency order to protect residents of Flint, Michigan, from lead-contaminated water as early as June 2015 - seven months before it declared an emergency.

Inspector General Arthur Elkins says the Flint crisis should have generated "a greater sense of urgency" at the EPA to "intervene when the safety of drinking water is compromised."

Flint's drinking water became tainted when the city began drawing from the Flint River in April 2014 to save money.

A popular candidate for a local office in western Michigan will remain on the ballot despite her death.

Sherry Yonkers was among six candidates to advance to the Nov. 8 election for Fruitport Township trustee. Four will get seats on the township board.

The 69-year-old Yonkers died Tuesday, weeks after finishing second in the August primary.

Township Clerk Carol Hulka tells The Muskegon Chronicle that ballots with her name already have been prepared.

Hulka says workers on election day can't tell voters that Yonkers is dead.

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The Michigan Legislature's approval of a change in how health insurers are taxed to help fund Medicaid sets up a showdown with Gov. Rick Snyder.

The Republican-led Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to continue a tax on Medicaid managed care organizations, shift funding around and more quickly end a tax on health insurance claims.

It's the latest in Michigan's long-running attempts to not run afoul of the federal government, which has indicated the Medicaid managed care tax should expire.

The legislation is headed to Snyder.