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State and local governments debate who should regulate short-term rental properties. Also, a new survey indicates a strong M&A market.

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Some safety advocates are fearful a truck speed limiter rule could be abandoned in 2017.

President-elect Donald Trump's administration will decide the fate of a government regulation that would electronically limit speeds of new tractor-trailer rigs in Michigan and across the nation.

Safety advocates were hoping for a decision before President Obama leaves office. They worry that Trump could cancel the regulation.

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A U.S.-Canadian agency is considering additional ways to measure the safety of Great Lakes water for drinking and activities such as swimming and fishing.

The proposals were developed by researchers with the International Joint Commission, which advises both nations on issues involving shared waterways.

Scientists who advise the commission say assuring good water quality in the Great Lakes will require accurate measurements of not just treated drinking water, but also the sources of that water.

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Michigan lawmakers are poised to approve legislation that would set standards for the emerging telemedicine industry.

A bill up for a final vote Tuesday in the state Senate would require medical providers to obtain a patient's consent before providing telehealth services from a distance rather than meeting a patient in person.

Other provisions would prescribe standards and allow the state to promulgate telehealth rules.

Physicians increasingly are using a webcam so a patient can consult with them, including through the use of Bluetooth-connected medical devices.

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Flint could name its own experts to oversee the response to the city’s drinking water crisis under a bill just sent to the state Senate floor.

State Senator Jim Ananich is a Flint Democrat who sponsored the bill. He says a locally appointed board would give Flint residents more control over their own destiny.

That’s after decisions by state-appointed emergency managers that created Flint’s water crisis.

He says a local board will be concerned only with fixing what went wrong.

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Big changes may be on the horizon for medical marijuana in Michigan.

The State House voted Wednesday in favor of a package of bills that would legalize edibles and require medical marijuana clinics be licensed and pay sales tax.

The bills have already made their way through the Senate and are now on their way to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk for consideration.

The bills would require medical marijuana clinics be licensed and pay sales tax. The bills would also legalize non-smokeable forms of marijuana like edibles and oils.

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The Michigan House has approved legislation prohibiting state agencies from setting regulations that are more stringent than federal rules without special input from directors.

The measure passed 61-47 Tuesday, with House Democrats voting in opposition.

It would require directors of state agencies to prove "clear and convincing need" to make state rules tougher than federal standards.

Republican supporters say the measure gives Michigan's Legislature more control over what rules state agencies adopt.