Susan Hiltz

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Memorial Day is less than two weeks away.  It of course kicks off the start of summer.  After enduring a wicked winter, Michiganders will start the season by traveling in record numbers.  That from AAA Michigan officials

“I think people have had it with rain, sleet and snow and they are ready for sunshine and the beaches in Michigan and they are ready for sunshine and the beaches and a good time in Michigan and kicking off Memorial Day in a safe and happy way.”

For many Michiganders, the beginning of December and the coming weekend signals the traditional time to bring home a fresh-cut Christmas tree.  Based on information from a new survey, AAA is urging motorists to take extra steps to safely secure Christmas trees for transporting.   

“A new AAA survey, an estimated 20 million Americans who purchased a real Christmas tree in the last three years did not properly secure it to their vehicle, so we want to help people prevent dangerous road debris.”

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Michigan’s 4th of July holiday travel forecast puts lots of folks on the road.  Close to 1.5 million will journey 50 miles or more from home over the Independence Day weekend.  AAA says the high volume of travelers could be good news for the state..

“AAA is predicting that the travel forecast is going to hit a 15 year high in Michigan.”

That’s Susan Hiltz, Public Affairs Director for AAA Michigan who says the travel numbers are adding up on the plus side for the state.