The WGVU Morning Show

Disney on Ice

Feb 16, 2018

Disney on Ice presents Reach for the Stars, bringing Disney's princess stories and fairy tales to the ice.  The Morning Show roving microphone takes you behind the scenes.

It's the year of the dog and we talk about this weekend's Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration this morning with Phillip Nguyen.

Nonprofit Navigation

Feb 16, 2018

Guests join us from the Johnson Center for Philanthropy for our monthly Non Profit Navigation.

Religion 101

Feb 16, 2018
Kaufman Interfaith Institute

Religion 101, a conversation with guests from GVSU's Kaufmann Interfaith Institute. Today Dr. Douglas Kindschi, Kyle Kooyers, and Dr Sahibzada, imam of the Islamic Center and Mosque in Grand Rapids join us to discuss upcoming programming.

Faith Hospice

Feb 16, 2018

Guests are studio to discuss Faith Hospice, raising funds for the Bereavement Program and Faith Hospice Fund. We speak to Gerilyn May and Carl Paganelli about a raffle and ways to get involved.

We talk about Grand Rapids' inaugural Better Body Image Conference on March 11. The goal is to start a conversation about positive body image. Co-founders Bri Lugunbill and Connie Flachs join us with the information.

The Imaginary Invalid

Feb 15, 2018
Master Arts Theatre

Master Arts Theatre presents The Imaginary Invalid opening tonight.  Actors join us in studio to talk about it.

CC0 License - Pixabay

We discuss the opioid epidemic with local experts, Dr. Sandy Dettman and Donna Kuiper, Clinical Director at Arbor Circle.

Warm Cheese

Feb 15, 2018

Laughfest begins March 9 and Fubble Entertainment's Teresa Thome joins us today to talk about her Warm Cheese coming back to the stage.

All About Women

Feb 15, 2018

All About Women with Dr. Robyn Hubbard. Today we talk about the flu.