The WGVU Morning Show

The Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness provides programs and events to demonstrate the ways mindfulness improves your life. We talk to founder Carol Hendershot about 2018 opportunities.

The 2018 Western Michigan HERe Event, Women in HealthCare Leadership, happens on January 18th. Rhonda Vandrunen, Jane Gietzen and Becky Anderson are here in studio to discuss.

Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

We speak with guests from the Muskegon's Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce. Jim Rudicil joins us today to discuss the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.

GRPS Happenings

Jan 4, 2018

John Helmholdt of GRPS joins us to discuss the School Choice Expo and Winter Carnival, provide an overview of theme schools and Centers of Innovation choices, and talk about a promise zone proposal.

Team Rubicon

Jan 4, 2018
Team Rubicon
Team Rubicon /

We talk Team Rubicon and a Blue Label event in Grand Rapids happening this month. The mission is to enhance bonding and veteran awareness.  Brian Bartman and Caitlin Calahan are our guests.

Grand Rapids Magazine

We talk about where to go and what to do this weekend in West Michigan with Sarah Tincher from GR Magazine. 

Breaking Mews and Pupdates, speaking monthly with guests on behalf of the Humane Society of West Michigan. Today, conversation is about volunteering . Tammy Hagedorn and a volunteer join us.

KDL Happenings

Jan 4, 2018
Kent District Library /

Guests from Kent District Library join us monthly, today's topic is Let It Snow programming.

BMW Motorcycles

Jan 4, 2018
BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids.

BMW Motorcycles’ Blane Kamp joins us to discuss an Alaska Open House at BMW Motorcycles of Grand Rapids.

WGVU Explorers

Jan 4, 2018
WGVU Explorers logo yippee!
WGVU Explorers / WGVU Public Media

Michael Walenta joins us in studio to talk about 2018 travel with the WGVU Explorers.